Don't Screw it up... again

Our official music video of our new country classic premiered March 29th.  Yes this divorced couple in their 30s are such a nice story, and he is committed not to screw it up.  Jess sets the sad tone on the fiddle, and Lynn picks up harmony; but come on; this ends happy.  While you might wonder if Pearl Street paid for all that product placement, one might say they did when they pulled up a free beer truck at my 60th birthday party.  Pour yourself one, and enjoy a sad yet hopeful country song.  It'll keep you humming it.

Family Tree

Take a little walk back in time!  Feel July's sunshine on a farm road, and come to the family reunion.  You know the faces by now, and you resemble them.

Diamonds on her shoes

Boy you might think by the name of the piece that it might be a cover, but it’s an updated version of a song on the first cd. I thought the Bones cd should have a little intrigue if this is a murder ballad or not. I’m not saying.

One last shot of Whiskey

Funny songs are many of the songs we all go back to, here Dave's sad, sad country ballad.  All his smelly friends were coming over that night.  Click Here for a link to the words. 

Recent house concert Video of Natalie

Natalie Gelman was awesome but we think all house concerts are!

Dearly Departed - Cover of Shakey Graves

Our favorite cover, loved the warehouse feel we got from the 3rd floor of the Pearl Street Brewery. Thanks to Tami & Joe for allowing us to use the space, and Terry for taping us.  Plus we can't thank Pete Solberg enough for the new photos that will be on the website soon.

Don't Screw it up, Again (lyric video)

Until I get the talent picked and a real music video taped, here's a Lucky Dog original from the Bones CD.  A happy ending country classic song!  This couple is starting over with a second chance, and she's looking pretty good.  The pale ale on the bar is brought to you by Pearl Street Brewery, the fiddle by Pigtown Fling's Jessie McDonald, the snappy drums by Wayne Wickman, and the back up vocals by the Lynn & Kevin (orginal dogs)

Family Tree covered by Pigtown Fling

For my 60th birthday I received the best present ever, the band (Pigtown Fling Stringband) I had booked for the party not only learned two of my songs, they RECORDED them for me.  Here's Family Tree, both are available on our  Lucky Dog bandcamp page.  All proceeds go to the band.  I don't think I can ever repay them for checking off a bucket list item.


Been working on this song since I heard it over the summer for the first time being busked on the plaza in Boulder by  Thomas LaFond & Enion Pelta-Tiller. They had an incredible gypsy feel to the song.  I had to asked afterward, who was that song by?  I wouldn't share or cover it until I knew it by heart.  Great story song by Tom Waits.  Look up his version for a little mambo vibe version.  It will be in the next setlist!

Simple Twist of Fate

I can remember the night I decided to learn this song.  It was after hearing a Christian speaker tell a heartfelt story about a prostitute.  Here's Dylan's prostitute story from his Blood on the Tracks LP, and I play a little slower to emphasize the story.

Forever 21

Here's a sequel to Don't Screw it Up...we find the heroine will always be 21.

One more Cup of Coffee

Oh my this is 2011 video, I've been doing this song for a while, but I love it.  Deciding what songs should we pay for and put on a covers CD, it just might be this one; especially if I can get Jessie to add a fiddle.

Sing a New Song

A great folk bluegrass gathering or sending worship song used with Sunday School & camp worship.  Easy key of C.  The lyrics and chords are in the YouTube about section.   Any use of the song we ask you for a contribution to Holmen Lutheran's Building Fund ELCA; Holmen WI