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11 song EP featuring 6 Lucky Dog originals, 2 covers of unreleased songs, and 3 spoken word pieces.  Americana eclectic with originals, covers, and folk music just like a Lucky Dog set.  It includes "Don't Screw it Up.. Again" a classic country song written in a George Jones style.  A bluegrass music picker for a fun reunion song "Family Tree"   "Blonde Attitude" is bar rocker dancer that you can put you put your hat on too, and toss me a brew.

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We're on Bandcamp with music to stream and music to download; inlcuding a rare cover of two Lucky Dog songs by Pigtown Fling, and a concert from the Bluff View with Siri Undlin (Humbird) & Luke Callen

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Awe shucks. We aren't shy sharing friend comments because we know these people well enough, if it sucked they would have said so, or said something like, "oh thanks for the cd, it's NICE"  The dreaded NICE word didn't happen, so we feel blessed.  Take a chance, CD's are cheap, we want the music in your hands and ears.

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Bones Song List & Notes

This CD has been a work of passion with a lot of help from friends.  The impetus to get the cd going was Wayne Wickman’s Facebook post of his recording of the drum track to Blonde Attitude.  It had been at least 3-5 years ago and the dogettes never gotten to add their parts.  Then Lucky Dog had the opportunity to play with Jessie McDonald on fiddle.  She sounded so good but the live recording was all redlined and distorted.  Determined to add Jess and her fiddle to their original songs via a decent recording, the cd was a must. Two songs on the CD are not originals but have a home connection.  Both Natalie Gelman and Emily Earle have played Dave's house concerts, and both songs are favorites and currently unreleased. 

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Meet Wayne Wickman

So here's a buddy and a wonderful drummer I met through Tim Kolek, and of course I need to have you watch him in action for Blonde Attitude the rocker in the CD.

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Words to shake leg by..

Dave has been writing since high school, but he took off a long period to do life.  Somewhere along the line he started to write again, and write he did.  The blog has plenty posts for you to drift off into a nice nap and chase bunnies..

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